This is an 8.3 liter V10 engine out of a 2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10, a high-performance pickup truck that debuted in 2003 with a drivetrain supplied by the Dodge Viper.

This engine was capable of 500 bhp and 525 lb ft torque, impressively 90% of this torque was available from 1,500 through to 5,600 rpm, giving it a flat torque curve that felt something akin to a rocket launch during hard acceleration.

Above Video: This is the original 2004 review of the Dodge Ram SRT-10. It gives a great insight to what the truck is like, and how it performs, with plenty of footage of it in action.

A V10 Pickup Truck: The Dodge Ram SRT-10

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 was developed by the PVO (Performance Vehicle Operations) division at DaimlerChrysler. Unusually for a pick up truck from this era, the Ram SRT was put through extensive wind tunnel testing to optimize it for high-speed operations.

The vehicle debuted at the 2002 North American International Auto Show where it attracted a significant amount of attention, both from the media and from attendees. It officially entered production in 2003 (the 2004 model year), and both single cab (two door) and quad cab (four door) variants were offered.

In July of 2004, less than a year after production began, the Dodge Ram SRT-10 set the Guinness World Record as the “world’s fastest production truck,” driven by NASCAR driver Brendan Gaughan. He set the same record for the Sports Car Club of America on the same day, with a final top speed of 154.587 mph (248.784 km/h).

The engine fitted to the Ram SRT-10 was essentially the same V10 unit used in the 3rd generation Dodge Viper. It’s an 8.3 liter V10 with an aluminum alloy block and heads, overhead valves, and electronic fuel-injection. It could propel the truck to a top speed of 154 mph (248 km/h) and it could do the 0-62 mph dash in 4.9 seconds – better than many sports cars of the time.

The Ram SRT-10 would only remain in production for three years from 2003 to 2006. 10,046 were manufactured in total, a low production number for an American pickup truck, though this was likely due to the relatively high MSRP.

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 Engine Shown Here

This engine was removed from a 2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10 with 75,000 miles on the odometer. That’s fairly high mileage for an engine of this type, and so any buyer would likely want to also budget for a full rebuild before installing it into the vehicle of their choice.

Dodge Ram SRT-10 V10 Engine 4

Image DescriptionThis Dodge Ram SRT-10 V10 comes with the original wiring loom, ECU, and its transmission which is still in place.

The engine comes with the original automatic transmission which is still attached. It also has the wiring harness, ECU, headers, and the serpentine belt up front powering the alternator, air conditioning compressor, etc.

It’s now being sold on eBay out of Granite City, Illinois by X2 Builders, a seller with 99.5% positive ratings, and they’re asking $12,500 USD for it. If you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can visit the listing here.

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Images courtesy of eBay Motors + X2 Builders

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