This Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series now benefits from a range of recent work including a “facelift” upgrade with VDJ79 front-end panels and a number of interior mods inspired by the 2022 70th Anniversary models.

We don’t often see short wheelbase versions of the 70 series come up for sale, the five-door and Troop Carrier body styles have always sold in much higher numbers, so it’ll be interesting to see where the hammer price for this one falls.

Fast Facts – A Modified 70 Series Land Cruiser

  • The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series was introduced in 1984 as a successor to the venerable 40 Series. It was designed with a focus on robustness and utility, featuring a more modern design while retaining the rugged, go-anywhere ability that had become synonymous with the Land Cruiser name.
  • Over its lifespan the 70 Series was equipped with a variety of engines, including both petrol and diesel options. The series also saw continuous improvements in power, torque, and fuel efficiency, catering to a diverse range of uses from heavy-duty work to leisure off-roading.
  • The 70 Series gained popularity across the globe, notably in Australia, the Middle East, and Africa, where its durability made it ideal for handling the oftentimes harsh terrain. It was offered in a number of different body styles, including troop carriers, pickups, and station wagons, each catering to different market genres and roles.
  • The 1991 70 series shown in this article has been modified fairly significantly with a new more modern front end and an upgraded interior. It also benefits from a mechanical and cosmetic overhaul over the past two years, and it’s now being offered for sale on Collecting Cars.

The Land Cruiser 70 Series

The Land Cruiser 70 series, introduced in 1984, is a major part of the Land Cruiser lineage, renowned for its toughness and off-road capability. The 70 series was designed as a successor to the earlier 40 series, with a focus on improving comfort without losing the rugged charm that still defines its predecessor.

Toyota Land Cruiser Evolution Infographic

Image DescriptionThis chart supplied by Toyota shows the evolutionary lineage of the Land Cruiser series. Image courtesy of Toyota.

Throughout its ongoing production run, the 70 series has been offered with a variety of engine options, including both petrol and diesel variants. In most markets the turbo diesels have been more popular, thanks in a large part to their better fuel economy and the ample low-down torque they tend to provide.

Globally, the 70 series cemented its status as a versatile and often critically important 4×4 used for civilian, military, and commercial purposes. It gained immense popularity in regions like Australia, the Middle East, and Africa, where its capability to withstand harsh local environments made it a common sight. The series was offered in a number of different body styles induing troop carriers (known as “Troopies” in Australia), pickups, and station wagons. Others were fitted with custom bodies and included both ambulance and fire fighting versions.

One of the remarkable aspects of the 70 series story is its ongoing longevity. Over the decades, it underwent modifications to comply with changing emissions standards, safety regulations, and consumer preferences. These adaptations, coupled with Toyota’s dedication to maintaining the series’ core attributes, have allowed its production to continue in select markets, four decades after its initial release.

The 70 Series holds a special place in car culture, particularly among off-road enthusiasts. Its straightforward, durable design made it a favorite for farm use and also for long-distance travel – it’s now become a staple vehicle in the overlanding movement.

This ongoing production, especially in a market often focused on technological advancements and luxury, highlights the enduring appeal of the 70 series, an appeal that shows no signs of waning any time soon as the order books are so full that Toyota occasionally has to close them to catch up with demand.

Toyota Land Cruiser PZJ70 1

Image DescriptionWe don’t often see short wheelbase versions of the 70 series come up for sale as they sold in far lower numbers than the longer wheelbase five-door and Troop Carrier variants.

The Upgraded 70 Series Shown Here

The Land Cruiser you see here is an Australian delivered short wheelbase 1991 model. Australia has long been the spiritual home of the 70 series, and they’re a common sight on the road as soon as you leave a major city and drive out into the country.

When Toyota unveiled the face-lifted 2022 70th Anniversary version of the 70 series it attracted significant global attention thanks to its combination of retro styling with a modern twist – a stylistic look that isn’t always easy to pull off.

Due to the broad parts compatibility between 70 series models dating from the model’s introduction in 1984 to the present day, the decision to graft the front end of a later VDJ79 Land Cruiser onto this earlier PZJ70 wasn’t as fraught with difficulty as you may have imagined.

Once the graft was complete and the vehicle was all finished in matching Sandy Taupe paintwork, attention shifted to the interior. The cabin is largely finished in black and grey, with Sandy Taupe accents throughout.

The vehicle is fitted with cloth-trimmed GXL comfort seats along with a black dashboard, headliner, and carpeting. It has a modern Toyota steering wheel in black and Sandy Taupe, and a black dashboard top with a body-colored glovebox, lower dash, and door panels. It’s also fitted with a heater, ventilation, and air conditioning.

The vehicle rides on black 16-inch steel wheels with Mirage MR-AT 172 front tyres and Rapid Ecolander A/T rears. It has a snorkel, a black roof rack, aftermarket rear vision mirrors, and black plastic fender flares front and back.

Toyota Land Cruiser PZJ70 12

Image DescriptionThis Land Cruiser is powered by a 1PZ 3.5 liter inline-five cylinder diesel engine, sending 114 bhp and 170 lb ft of torque to all four wheels via an R151F 5-speed manual transmission.

Due to the fact that this is a 1991 model Land Cruiser it should be possible to import it into the USA if the new owner wished – as it’s well over the 25 year age limit, and over the 30 year limit for regions with even stricter conditions. That said, it would be important to check your own local regulations before placing a bid.

This Land Cruiser is now being offered for sale on Collecting Cars out of Cairns in Queensland, Australia. If you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can visit the listing here.

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Images courtesy of Collecting Cars

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