Chrysler Valiant Charger

The Chrysler Valiant Charger or just “The Charger” in Australia and New Zealand is a muscle car introduced in 1971 by Chrysler Australia. It was offered with a number of engine options including everything from a 6 cylinder 140hp up to a 265hp V8, the car quickly became an icon on the roads of Australia and it was a best seller for most of the early to mid 1970’s.

In New Zealand the Charger proved to be almost unbeatable from 1971 right through to 1979 at the infamous B&H 500 mile racing series held at Pukekohe Park Raceway, the New Zealanders had less restrictions on motor racing at the time, arguably making it a better scene for auto racing right into the late-80s.

Chrysler ceased production of the car in 1978 but even all these years later, the cars are still a common sight on Australian and New Zealand roads, drag strips, car shows and race tracks.

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