This is the Bushcraft Survival Ferro Rod Fire Starter Kit, it includes both a ferrocerium “ferro” rod and a wax-infused hemp cord that can be unbraided piece by piece and used as kindling to instantly get your campfire going.

Ferrocerium fire starting rods, commonly known as ferro rods or firesteels, are a popular fire-starting tool used in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, overlanding, and in some survival situations.

They are made from a blend of rare-earth metals, primarily iron (Fe) and cerium (Ce), with small amounts of other metals such as magnesium, neodymium, and praseodymium. The mixture of metals gives the rod its unique properties, making it an effective and reliable fire-starting tool.

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Image DescriptionThis kit is a lightweight fire starting solution that can either be used as your primary method of getting the fire going, or as a reliable back up option.

When a ferrocerium rod is struck by a hard, sharp object like a knife, striker, or scraper, it creates a shower of hot sparks that can reach temperatures of over 3,000°C (5,432°F). These sparks can ignite a variety of tinder materials, like dry leaves, grass, small twigs, or in this case a hemp tinder rope, to start a fire.

Unlike matches or lighters, ferro rods aren’t affected by water, snow, rain, or temperature. They also typically last for thousands upon thousands of strikes and they’re very small and lightweight, so they’re great for taking with you on camping trips even just as a backup fire-starting option.

This kit from Bushcraft Survival includes a ferro fire steel rod and a striker which is attached by way of a 2′ paracord line. It also comes with 6″ of thick wax-infused hemp rope as tinder.

This hemp rope is designed to be unbraided a few strands at a time and used for starting fires as a long-burning kindling. It’s particularly useful when it’s been raining or snowing and you need to get a fire going to dry out wet or damp wood and get it burning. As the rope is wax-infused it’s naturally water-resistant, and it lights quickly when hit with a shower of sparks from the fire steel.

Wax-Infused Hemp Cord Tinder Fire Starter 1

Image DescriptionThis thick hemp rope has been infused with wax, as a result it’s both waterproof and highly flammable. You use it by pulling off a few strands and fraying their edges, they then catch fire easily and burn for enough time to get the wood burning.

The kit weighs in at 2.3 ounces, making it ideal for taking camping or overlanding. The striker also has a built-in hex wrench, a toothed edge for scraping, a ruler, and a bottle opener.

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