This 1972 BMW 2002 Touring was recently uncovered in a garage, it’s a left hand drive model, it comes with a long list of spare parts, and it has an asking price of €6,990 or approximately $7,300 USD.

Looking over the images it appears that it would be a relatively straightforward recommissioning process, however it’s always good to go inspect the car in person before buying if possible. The car is located in Brabant Wallon, Belgium and it comes with a Certificate of Conformity and Belgian registration papers.

Fast Facts – The BMW 2002 Touring

  • The BMW 2002 series originated in the late-1960s as a part of the BMW “Neue Klasse” (New Class) lineup. These were a series of compact sedans and coupes that were intended to revive the company’s fortunes after World War II. The 2002 model, in particular, began as a successful merge of the larger 2.0 liter engine from the 2000 model into the smaller two-door body of the 1602 series.
  • The BMW 2002 Touring was introduced in 1971. Unlike the conventional three-box sedan shape of the original 2002, the Touring featured a hatchback rear, making it one of the first hatchbacks from BMW. Its design was both sporting and practical, catering to a young and upwardly mobile demographic.
  • Designed by BMW’s in-house designer, Georg Bertram, the 2002 Touring’s hatchback design was innovative for its time.From the B-pillar back the car had a fastback-like slope and the rear window provided better visibility. The design allowed for more cargo space, while still maintaining the sporting character of the 2002 it was based on.
  • Despite its unique design and versatility, the 2002 Touring wasn’t as popular as its sedan counterpart. Production lasted only until 1974, a relatively short run. This has made original examples of the 2002 Touring relatively rare and sought after by collectors today.
  • The 1972 BMW 2002 Touring you see here was uncovered in a garage in Belgium. It appears to be in solid shape throughout but will require a recommissioning/restoration. The car comes with many spare parts and an asking price of €6,990 or ~$7,300 USD.

The BMW 2002 Touring

The BMW 2002 series, from which the Touring variant emerged, originated in the late 1960s. As BMW set out to carve a niche for itself for a series of cars that would blend sports car characteristics with sensible everyday functionality. This project initially resulted in the 1600cc BMW 1602 series, which was well-received but left enthusiasts clamoring for more power. In response, BMW introduced a 2.0 liter M10-powered version in 1968 and called it the 2002.

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Image DescriptionThe hatchback design of the BMW 2002 Touring made it one of the most practical cars in its class, and on the plus side it retained all the performance ability of its 2002 siblings. Image courtesy of BMW AG.

The original 2002 was a hit not just in Europe but in the United States and other world markets. BMW decided to add a new body style to the range with a hatchback instead of the more traditional trunk. The brand introduced the car as the 2002 Touring in 1971.

The “Touring” nomenclature was well chosen. This newer model was intended to be an even more practical car than the 2002 on which it was based, equally adept at running errands in the city as it was on longer jaunts cross country.

It offered increased cargo space in the rear without compromising the car’s sporting nature. The sloping rear and distinctive hatchback were new to BMW’s line-up and reflected European trends towards more compact and practical vehicles.

Under the hood, the 2002 Touring carried the same engine choices as its 2002 sibling from the single carburetor 2000cc M10 through to the more powerful fuel injected Ti, and Tii versions of the same engine.

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Image DescriptionThe 2002 Touring was given rear seats that could be folded down when not in use, resulting in a large, flat cargo area that could accommodate a surprising amount of whatever you need to haul. Image courtesy of BMW AG.

Despite its practicality the 2002 Touring had a mixed reception. The hatchback design was polarizing – some praised its modernity and usefulness, while purists believed it perhaps strayed too far from BMW’s original 2002 design ethos. By the end of its production run 25,827 Touring models had been sold, a mere fraction of the almost 400,000 2002s that were built in total.

Due in large part to its lower sales figures, BMW 2002 Touring had a relatively short production run, concluding in 1974. The Touring models are now particularly popular with collectors and 2002 enthusiasts (of which there are many) both due to the model’s rarity and its practicality.

The 1972 BMW 2002 Touring Garage Find Shown Here

The car you see here is a 1972 BMW 2002 Touring that was recently uncovered in a garage in Brabant Wallon just south of Brussels in Belgium and close to the French border. Exactly how the car came to be laid up in the garage isn’t explained in the listing, though it does appear to be partially stripped so it may be a stalled restoration project.

BMW 2002 Touring 11

Image DescriptionThe interior of this left hand drive, Belgian-delivered example has been partially stripped, possibly as part of a stalled restoration.

After examining the pictures and reading over the listing, this car does appear to be a good candidate for a restoration – major visible rust is minimal and the vast majority of parts needed to complete the car are on hand. In fact it looks like there are enough spare parts to complete the car and have plenty of leftovers.

Among these spare parts are two wind shields, two dashboards, three instrument clusters (including one with rev counter), two sets of wheels, front and rear lights, side windows, two center consoles, three steering wheels, two chrome bumpers, and one rear bumper.

It also comes with an additional rear hatch, two side doors, a front nose section, an extra gearbox, an extra radiator, two starter motors, two alternators, and a large selection of original BMW suspension parts in their original packages.

BMW 2002 Touring 12

Image DescriptionImportantly the car is fitted with the correct 2000cc M10 engine, an inline four-cylinder unit with a single overhead cam, two valves per cylinder, and a cross-flow head design.

This car is listed as coming with a Certificate of Conformity and its original Belgian registration papers. It’s finished in red with a partially installed black interior, grey carpeting, retractable seatbelts, and steel wheels.

If you’d like to read more about this unusual project car or register to bid you can visit the listing here on Car & Classic. It’s being offered with an asking price of €6,990 or approximately $7,300 USD.

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Images courtesy of Car & Classic

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