Military Duffle Bag by Whipping Post

Military Duffle Bag

The Military Duffle Bag by Whipping Post was inspired by the original duffle bags used by military personnel in conflicts throughout the 20th century. The bags are able to hold surprising amounts of gear and the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry over long distances. Grab yours here

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Beltway Jacket Icon 1000

Yamaha SR250 by Auto Fabrica

Yamaha SR250 5

The Yamaha SR250 is the hardworking little brother of the inimitable SR400/SR500, many of the components are shared between the SR models making repairs simple and the straight-forward mechanical set up of the SR series means they’re excellent bikes to learn wrenching. Originally released in 1982 the Yamaha SR250 was designed to fit in below…

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Aether x Spidi Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket

Aether x Spidi Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket 1

The Aether x Spidi Eclipse Motorcycle Jacket is the result of a collaboration between two of the more interesting gear manufacturers in the motorcycle arena. Designed by Aether then handmade by the talented artisans at Spidi, the all-leather jacket has a box-quilted upper, a yarn-dyed cotton lining and a full range of elbow, shoulder and back…

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Audi Quattro – The Official Story


“Audi Quattro – The Official Story” is a look back at the history of Audi’s vitally important all-wheel drive system as documented by Audi themselves. As such it offers previously unseen footage from the very earliest days of Audi’s involvement in motorsports through to their dominant years in international rally competition. If you have even…

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Mario Andretti’s Ferrari 512S Coupé

ferrari painting

The stunning painting above features Mario Andretti’s Ferrari 512S Coupé, a car he co-drove to the 1970 Sebring 12 Hours victory. He’s said on a number of occasions that this was the most satisfying victory of his career, which is saying a hell of a lot when you look at the length and depth of…

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Wooden Canoe Kit


The canoe is a simple little boat design that’s been used by humans for all of recorded history and almost certainly for many thousands of years before that. Sadly many of us only ever paddle a canoe on a school camp or boy scout trip, this seems like a shame as it can actually be…

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Consolidated PBY Catalina Wallpaper

Consolidated PBY Catalina Plane

The Consolidated PBY Catalina is an unusually named aircraft with a unusual set of abilities, it was designed in 1935 to fill an order for the US Navy who were seeking a flying boat for use in the Pacific – it was a surprisingly prophetic order and the Catalina would see intensive use throughout the Pacific (and…

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Honda CX500 Custom by Kustom Research


The humble Honda CX500 is a motorcycle that everyone loves to hate, often referred to as the ‘Plastic Maggot’ the transverse V-Twin is widely considered one of the least attractive motorcycles ever produced by Honda. The benefit of this unpopularity is that the custom bike builders who choose the CX500 as their muse tend to…

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Channel Bottom Surfboard by Deus


The “Harry” Channel Bottom Surfboard is a classic design from shaper Rich Pavel, at 6’1 it’s ideally suited to mid-sized surf and makes a good board to get back onto the water with if you haven’t paddled out in a few years. Deus Ex Machina was founded by guys who’ve been surfing since the ’70s…

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Bear & Son Trapper Knife

Bear and Son Trapper Knife

The Bear & Son Jumbo Trapper Knife is a classically styled pocket knife with both drop and spey points, the handle is rosewood and the bolster is a nickel/silver alloy. Each knife comes with its own leather holster for safekeeping and at 4 1/2 inches long, it makes an ideal pocket knife for a daily…

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