Honda CL360 by Innovative Motorsports

Honda CB360 CL360

The Honda CL360 is the factory scrambler version of the humble Honda CB360, a smaller capacity motorcycle from the Japanese marque that was only sold for three years, between 1974 and 1976. Despite its relatively short production run, the CB360/CL360 have established themselves surprisingly deeply into the modern world of custom motorcycle building. The differences…

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Top 5 Vintage Motorcycles On eBay This Week


Those of you interested in racing your collectible vintage motorcycles will likely find a few personal favourites in this week’s Top 5. Those of you with either obscene levels of skill or a certifiable death wish will probably be drawn to the Rickman Kawasaki, with its 1400cc turbocharged engine it’s likely to be a major…

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Armoured Moto Shirt by Speed and Strength

Armoured Moto Shirt by Speed and Strength

The concept of the armored motorcycle shirt was almost unheard of just a few short years ago, but the introduction of easily acquirable Kevlar fabric and body armor has made the shirts an essential gear item for many riders. Each of these shirts is made from a cotton/poly blend and has removable CE-approved armor in…

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Going Faster: The Skip Barber Racing School

Going Faster The Skip Barber Racing School

The Skip Barber Racing School is almost certainly the most famous advanced driving school in the world, this is largely thanks to their approachable lesson structure that breaks each required skill down into its constituent parts. This film is an early production from the school and it features Skip Barber himself explaining many of the…

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BMW Poster Series by Manual Designs


Manual Designs is a boutique automotive poster company run by Christopher Holewski, each of the pieces is created from a stencil created by Holewski – and the back catalogue of German automaker BMW is one of his preferred muses. Each print from Manual Designs measures in at 20” x 16” and is printed on acid…

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Maserati Boomerang


The Maserati Boomerang is undoubtably one of the most important concept cars of the 20th century, it’s revolutionary wedge shape would go on to influence automobile designers for decades to come, and it would become the de facto shape for almost all supercars from the decade of its introduction onwards. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the…

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Bizzarrini Strada


Giotto Bizzarrini is an engineer and test driver that many have never heard of, and I suspect that Bizzarrini himself prefers it this way. One of his most enduring quotes is “I’m not a car designer, I am a worker”, and as a testament to that, he’s been working nonstop since he graduated from the…

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The Art Of Michael Kagan


Michael Kagan is an artist with a unique style that tends to appeal to people who are otherwise not particularly interested in art, especially those with an interest in engineering, machines and flight. In order to see the images in Kagan’s paintings you typically have to stand a few feet back from the canvas, if…

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Kawasaki W650 Superrench by Angry Lane

Kawasaki W650 Superrench by Angry Lane 2

Angry Lane is a custom motorcycle workshop and apparel label based out of Hong Kong, surprisingly there are very few custom bike builders in the city – despite its proximity to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia, which are all globally renowned for their customising prowess. Based in the warehouse district of Wong Chuk Hang, the…

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Flatbush Motorcycle Jacket

REV'IT! Flatbush Vintage Jacket

The Flatbush Vintage Jacket is one of the new 2015 offerings from REV’IT!, the Dutch motorcycle apparel manufacturer that supplies gear to everyone from the riders in the upper echelons of MotoGP right down to the weekend warriors carving their way through the quiet B-roads surrounding most major cities. With the Flatbush jacket, REV’IT! is…

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Dobbertin’s Nova

Dobbertin’s Chevrolet Nova SS 2

Many of us grew up in an era when car magazines ruled the four-wheeled world, a time when the word “digital” was only used to describe a calculator watch and the “internet” was a term only known to a few boffins at CERN. The golden era for the car magazine was almost certainly the 1980s, a…

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