Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit

Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit shadow 450x330 - Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit

Ice balls are a relatively new discovery of mine, I first encountered them when my brother, who was a bar manager at the time, pulled out a contraption and loaded a giant cube of ice into it. The device slowly melted the cube into a clear sphere of ice which was then dropped into my bourbon.

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Basil Hayden’s

Basil Haydens 450x330 - Basil Hayden's

I’ve always been a little suspicious of American whiskies, this is perhaps due to the fact that my first encounters with them centred around Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. On retrospect I’m fairly sure that the Americans export both of these largely as a joke on the rest of the world, in much the same way that the Australians export Fosters.

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