Overhead E-Type

jaguar e type 450x330 - Overhead E-Type

I’m sure it’d be possible to have a website like Silodrome dedicated to nothing other than E-Types. I saw a beautiful blue one just like this yesterday, there’s something about the design of this car that just can’t quite be captured in photographs.

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Jaguar XJ13

Jaguar XJ13 1966 1600x1200 wallpaper 01 2 450x330 - Jaguar XJ13

Many regard the Jaguar XJ13 as the finest Jaguar ever made. It was initially created as a prototype racer for Le Mans in 1966 by infamous aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer, the man also responsible for the iconic C-Type, D-Type and E-Type Jaguars.

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D-Type Jaguar – Official Drawings

jaguar d type 1954 55 lemans 450x330 - D-Type Jaguar - Official Drawings

Sadly I don’t have any backstory on these drawings, it wasn’t until seeing the overhead shot of the D-Type that I realised how A-symetrical they are. British automotive design at its best, hell I think this looks better than the infamous Jaguar E-Type (Click either image for a full resolution version in a new window.)

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E-Type vs D-Type | Jaguar

lipman jags 1600 450x330 - E-Type vs D-Type | Jaguar

This photograph is lighting up the interweb’s auto-centric sites today so we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon, the photo features an E-Type and a D-Type Jaguar in what appears to be a Mexican standoff. The only question that remains is, which one would you climb into for the drive home? The picture above is…

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