girl on motorbike 450x330 - MotoGiselle

You know you’re a motorcyclist when, on seeing a photograph like this, the first thing you want to do is move the woman aside, put the motorcycle back onto it’s centre stand and check for damage.

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300SL Daydream

mercedes 300sl 450x330 - 300SL Daydream

The Mercedes 300SL is a long time Silodrome favourite, it’s one of the most spectacular cars of all time and so we like to feature it whenever we can. Sophia Loren had one, which means that at some point in history, a guy pulled up at a stop light, looked left and saw a Mercedes 300SL with a smiling Sophia Loren behind the wheel. I’d need a lie down after an experience like that.

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Ute Sheila

ute car girl 450x330 - Ute Sheila

The ute is an Australian icon, it’s almost compulsory for every Aussie male to have owned a ute at some point in their lives and most will be more than happy to regale you with tales of loading sandbags onto the lowered rear door to provide weight over the rear wheels in order to improve traction during drag racing.

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