Schascia Morosi is an artist from the small town of Angera on Lake Maggiore, northwest of Milan not far from the Swiss border. The lake is famous for its countless scenes of postcard perfection, making it an ideal place for an artist to grow up and soak in region’s timeless aesthetics.

Both of Schascia’s parents were artists, his father was a painter and sculptor, while his mother was a potter. As a result he grew up surrounded with art and artists, so it’s perhaps no surprise he would go on to become an artist himself.

As an avid life-long motorcyclist and a classic car enthusiast Schascia would turn his attentions to automotive art, and this is now the passion that consumes much of his time.

Schascia Morosi Norton Motorcycle Art

Image DescriptionSchascia’s alert varies widely between traditional painting, drawing, and sculpture to bold pop art-style collages like this Norton Commando.

“I paint in my room at home, my house is so full of motorcycles that my wife can’t stand it anymore. I like drawing what I have in my head, mainly motorcycles, I really like abstractionism even if little understood, creating objects with wood, collage, and experimenting with new techniques.” – Schascia Morosi

Schascia’s style is hard to pin down, as he switches between acrylic paints, hand-drawn illustrations, traditional clay sculpture, and pop art-style collages. His subjects are usually motorcycles (or motorcycle parts), through he sometimes does focus on cars like that Porsche 911 below.

Schascia Morosi Carburetor Art 3

Image DescriptionThis Dell’Orto VHB 26 carburetor has sculpted by hand, it’s so true to form it almost just looks like a layer of clay over a real one.

Schascia turns out a remarkable array of work and he’s more than happy to take commissions from new and existing clients. If you’d like to have your motorcycle (or car) immortalized you can contact him via the link below.

If you’d like to see more of Schascia’s work or enquire about buying a piece, or commissioning a bespoke one, you can visit his website here.

Schascia Morosi Bell Helmet Art Schascia Morosi Porsche 911 Art Schascia Morosi BMW R80 GS Fuel Tank Art Schascia Morosi Vespa Art Schascia Morosi Scooter Art Schascia Morosi Motorcyle Fuel Tank Art Schascia Morosi Motorcycle Art Schascia Morosi Motorcycle Art 2 Schascia Morosi Motorcycle Art 1 Schascia Morosi Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Art Schascia Morosi Honda Motorcycle Art Schascia Morosi Flying Merkel Art Schascia Morosi Carburetor Art 6 Schascia Morosi Carburetor Art 5 Schascia Morosi Carburetor Art 4 Schascia Morosi Carburetor Art 2 Schascia Morosi Carburetor Art 1 Schascia Morosi BMW Motorcycle Art

All images courtesy of Schascia Morosi – ©2023

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