This is the Muzen Wild Mini, it’s a rugged outdoor speaker that is completely waterproof, it fits in the palm of your hand, charges by USB, and plays music off your phone using the integrated Bluetooth capability.

Muzen was originally founded by a team of audio engineers with a collective 40 years of experience working in related audio technology fields.

They developed the Muzen Wild Mini to be a significant improvement over your smartphone speakers while still being very small, lightweight, and portable. Each one is approximately the size of a hand grenade, or an apple if you’re more that way inclined, and they weigh in at 15.8 oz or 447 grams.

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Image DescriptionThe Muzen Wild Mini is a portable outdoor speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in flashlight, and it has IPX5 level waterproofing.

The external controls are all slightly oversized and designed to be usable while wearing gloves, the waterproofing is at the IPX5 level, and it has a built-in flashlight with three modes – high, low, and SOS.

Power is provided by a rechargeable 800mAh lithium battery offering up to 8 hours of playtime, and it measures in at 1.38″ x 2.99″ x 2.36″ in size. Muzen offer the Wild Mini in grey, green, and yellow colorways, all at the same $109 USD MSRP.

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*Editor’s Note: Bluetooth speakers like this should only ever be used in a private camp setting, not while hiking or surrounded by strangers, who will likely be justifiably irritated if they have to listen to your collection of Kenny G classics.

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