The Jaguar XK140 was the improved follow on model from the XK120 – a car famous for being the fastest in the world when it was released. The first XK120 was delivered to American uber-icon Clark Gable in 1949, kicking off an extraordinarily successful sales run that would top 12,000 units by the time the new XK140 came along.

Jaguar was careful when designing the XK140, the updates were mostly performance-oriented with focus given to further improving the driving characteristics of the car without totally reinventing the wheel. In keeping with the British obsession with handling, telescopic shock absorbers were fitted instead of the XK120’s lever arm units, better brakes were used, rack and pinion steering was added and increased suspension travel was also designed into the new car.

The MC designation on this car means it was one of the slightly more performance oriented XK140s, they were fitted with the C-Type Head (from the Le Mans winning car) and a twin exhaust allowing for an additional 20 horsepower at the rear wheels (210hp up from 190hp on the standard XK120).

It’s rare to find an XK140 MC up for sales – rarer still to find a matching numbers example like this, a car that was recently restored to concours condition, with less than 317 miles on the odometer since it was completed.

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