This is a Ferrari 275 GTB nose section that was an original factory spare part dating back to the mid-1960s – the time when the 275 GTB was in production. The car it was fitted to was later bought by Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, also the co-founder of Road Rat Magazine.

Although it started out as a spare part, this nose section didn’t spend long on the shelf. It was soon fitted to a Ferrari 275 GTB that had its front end damaged in shipping.

Interestingly, Ferrari was transitioning from the original short nose 275 GTB design to the later long nose, and so this car is one of very few that was built by Ferrari as a short nose, then converted to long nose specification by the factory.

Ferrari 275 GTB Nose Section Guy Berryman This is from the feature in the Official Ferrari Magazine on this car, in it Guy Berryman explains the process of restoring the car back to its original short nose specification. Image courtesy of the Official Ferrari Magazine + Collecting Cars.

In Berryman’s ownership the car was later converted back into its correct original short nose specification, which was documented in the Official Ferrari Magazine. With the car now back in short nose-spec the long nose front end is surplus to requirements, and it’s being offered for sale – it’s likely to either be bought by a 275 GTB owner who wants (or needs) a spare, or by someone who wants to wall mount it as a feature.

The bodywork has been fully restored and repainted in the Verde Pino color of the car it was fitted to, and the headlights, faired-in covers, grille, and chrome bumpers have all been refitted to ensure that it’s complete. The listing notes that the lights could all be made to work with minimal effort, just some new wiring, and they’re happy to assist with worldwide shipping.

Ferrari 275 GTB Project Car This is the car in long nose specification, before the restoration to its factory-original condition began. Image courtesy of Collecting Cars.

The nose section is now being offered for sale out of Kortrijk, Belgium on the Collecting Cars platform. If you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can visit the listing here.

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Images courtesy of Collecting Cars

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