This is a rare collection of original factory technical master blueprints from Bertone, one of the most important and influential Italian automotive design houses in history.

The collection includes drawings for the Lamborghini Miura, Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, Lancia Stratos, Lamborghini Countach, Fiat X 1/9, and a number of concept cars including the NSU RO 80 Trapeze, Lamborghini Marzal, Lamborghini Bravo, and more.

Factory Bertone Blueprints This is the Lamborghini Espada designed by Marcello Gandini during his time at Gruppo Bertone. It’s one of his more controversial designs, but there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most memorable 2+2 grand tourers of the era.

Gruppo Bertone

Gruppo Bertone, commonly simply referred to as Bertone, was founded in 1912 by Giovanni Bertone, it began as a modest horse carriage maker in Turin, Italy. The transition from carriages to automobiles was a natural progression for Bertone with the rapidly expanding automotive industry in Europe.

During the 1920s and 1930s, the firm expanded its expertise to higher end automotive coachbuilding, crafting bodies for chassis produced by companies like Fiat and Lancia. This period was crucial for Bertone as it laid the foundation for its future place in global automotive design.

The post-World War II era marked a significant turning point for Bertone. Under the leadership of Giovanni’s son, Nuccio Bertone, the company shifted its focus to more innovative and futuristic designs. Nuccio, a visionary with an unerring sense of style, steered Bertone into what became known as the golden era of Italian automotive design.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Bertone produced some of its most iconic designs. This period saw the creation of legendary models like the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, the Fiat 850 Spider, and the stunning Lamborghini Miura, which redefined sports car aesthetics. The Miura, in particular, with its mid-engine layout and striking looks, became a symbol of Bertone’s design prowess.

Bertone continued to innovate in the 1970s and 1980s, creating cars that were both avant-garde and appealing. The Lancia Stratos and the Lamborghini Countach are prime examples, both of which had a significant impact on automotive design trends that continue to the modern day.

The Bertone Collection

As noted above this collection includes many of the most famous cars to come out of the Bertone design studio, all printed on semi-transparent acetate tracing paper, made in period for the Bertone internal archive. The collection was amassed by a former Bertone employee who kept them for many years, before passing them to the current seller’s grandfather.

Factory Bertone Blueprints 1 This collection includes many of the most influential cars to come out of the Gruppo Bertone design house.

The full list of cars featured in the collection comprises the 1976 Alfa Romeo 33 Navajo, 1954 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, 1972 Citroën GS Coupe 2+2, 1973 Ferrari Dino, 1979 Fiat 131 Rally, 1966 Fiat Dino, 1972 Fiat X1/9, 1969 Iso Rivolta Lele, 1976 Lamborghini Bravo, 1971 Lamborghini Countach, 1968 Lamborghini Espada, 1967 Lamborghini Marzal, 1966 Lamborghini Miura, 1979 Lancia Delta Italdesign, 1971 Lancia Stratos, 1973 NSU Ro 80 Trapeze, and the 1974 Renault 136 Coupe.

The collection is now for sale on the Collecting Cars platform out of Arsago Seprio, Italy and you can visit the listing here if you’d like to read more about them or register to bid.

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