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Silodrome is always looking for new and interesting things to feature, we try to focus on smaller companies where the CEO is the same guy who sweeps the floor at the end of the day – companies where the manufacturing happens in the same country as the design and preferably in the same building by the same people.

The term “Gasoline Culture” was invented to describe the vehicles, gear and products we write about on Silodrome – If you have something that you think falls into this genre we encourage you to reach out and let us know about it, but before you do please read the 3 points below.



Photography is exceedingly important and it’s the one thing most often overlooked or skimped on by submitters. The photographs of your vehicle/product need to be professional grade and whilst we do recommend that you hire a photographer, it is possible to produce great photographs as an amateur. Do some research online and make sure you read The Silodrome Photography Guide.



We need to know as much about your submission as possible. Tell us about the materials, the parts, the labour, the methodology and anything else you can think of. The more we know about it the more likely we are to feature it and the better the feature will be.



We need to know about the person/people or company behind the vehicle or product, backstory is very important, it allows us to bring in the human element and it allows the Silodrome readers to get to know you a little.


The 3 points above don’t just go for Silodrome, these things are vital for any and all media exposure – be it print, digital, film or television. If you take the time to do these things right you’ll get far more media traction and exposure than if you don’t, once you create  media kit you’ll be able to use it again and again, making it a good investment of time, effort and money.

Once you’re ready you can submit your media kit here.

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