WrenchMonkee #17

monkee17 02 400x330 - WrenchMonkee #17

The WrenchMonkees are a Copenhagen based custom motorcycle garage with a penchant for urban, retro, rideable bikes. WrenchMonkee motorcycles always seem to have an understated, matte finish giving you the impression that they’re the sort of thing Batman would ride when he wasn’t in uniform. This bike is based on a Kawasaki Z 750B, the engine…

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Monkee #25 by The Wrenchmonkees

monkee25 011 399x330 - Monkee #25 by The Wrenchmonkees

This bike is, without question, my personal favourite build yet from The Wrenchmonkees. Based on a Norton Commando the minimalist, industrial style appeals to me. Probably because it looks exactly like a stripped down racer you’d have seen parked en masse outside the 59 Club in the 1960s.

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