1954 Buick Wildcat II

1954+Buick+Wildcat+II+5 450x330 - 1954 Buick Wildcat II

The Buick Wildcat II was a pretty revolutionary design for Buick, it featured a 220hp V8 and a full fibreglass body, sadly it never saw a production run but I can imagine it giving the 1950’s Corvettes a run for their money.

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Volvo P1800

Volvo P1800 450x330 - Volvo P1800

The Volvo P1800 is one of those classic cars that very nearly never existed, Volvo had contracted Karmann to build the beautiful coupé however before full production began Karmann received an ultimatum from VW clearly stating that if they built the P1800 for Volvo, VW would cancel all contracts with them.

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Overhead E-Type

jaguar e type 450x330 - Overhead E-Type

I’m sure it’d be possible to have a website like Silodrome dedicated to nothing other than E-Types. I saw a beautiful blue one just like this yesterday, there’s something about the design of this car that just can’t quite be captured in photographs.

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1964 Jaguar E Type

1964 Jaguar E Type1 450x330 - 1964 Jaguar E Type

The Jaguar E-Type is a classic car amongst classic cars, originally released in 1961 the car quite literally blew away everyone who saw it. Perhaps the most enduring accolade came from Enzo Ferrari who famously called it “The most beautiful car ever made”.

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1938 Dubonnet Hispano Xenia

1938 Dubonnet Hispano Xenia H6C1 450x330 - 1938 Dubonnet Hispano Xenia

The 1938 Dubonnet Hispano Xenia is one of the most iconic pre-war automobiles out of continental Europe, only one was ever made as it’s purpose was not not make money but rather to showcase a new type of automobile suspension, a suspension arrangement that would go on to be the grandfather of the suspension system used…

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The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Tipo 450x330 - The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is easily one of the top ten cars of all time, and is certainly one of the top 5 of the 1960’s. The car made it’s first appearance at the 1967 Turin Motorshow and was responsible for quite literally blowing the minds of every automotive journalist in attendance.

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