Tire of Trust Tee by The Hookie

Tire of Trust Tee 450x330 - Tire of Trust Tee by The Hookie

The Hookie is a Dresden based custom motorcycle garage run by a friendly chap by the name of Nico, we featured his Harley custom dubbed The Hookie #2 early last year and since then he’s been hard at work designing a unique line of clothing.

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Hookie #2 by The Hookie

IMG 4021 450x330 - Hookie #2 by The Hookie

Some people hate Harleys and some eat, sleep and dream them. I consider this a Harley that’s easy to love and tough to hate. Built by Hookie Customs in Germany, the Hookie #2 is just the second bike to roll out of their brand spanking new garage and by the looks of it, won’t be…

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