German Silodrome

Wall Of Death1 e1333707056448 450x330 - German Silodrome

The original Silodromes, or “Walls of Death”, were just made from rudimentary wooden planks, a few nails and some duct tape. This fantastically advanced German version is made from steel and is suspended in mid-air with a series of wires, pulleys and poles.

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The Carnival Silodrome (or Wall of Death)

wall of death 450x330 - The Carnival Silodrome (or Wall of Death)

The Silodrome, or “The Wall of Death”, first started appearing in the early 20th century. Almost as soon as motorcycles were invented people were figuring out creative methods of getting them sideways, the Silodrome was usually built to the specifications of a grain silo, hence the name, with a 20 to 36-foot diameter. Stunt riders enter…

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