Iron & Resin Hooligan Derby

hooligan derby iron resin 450x330 - Iron & Resin Hooligan Derby

The Iron And Resin Hooligan Derby is a race series that took part at the Ventura Raceway in California in April, May, June, September and November 2012. This video is a highlights reel of sorts, I just watched it twice and now I’m dying to go race with the guys next season.

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Iron & Resin Shop Apron

garage apron 450x330 - Iron & Resin Shop Apron

The shop apron is one of those things that I really, really need. Like most men, I have the habit of wiping my dirty hands on whatever fabric I happen to be wearing on the front part of my body, this is something that drove my dear mother crazy when I was a kid and is now driving my Mrs insane on a regular basis.

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