Biltwell el Fuerte Helmet

Biltwell el Fuerte Helmet 450x330 - Biltwell el Fuerte Helmet

The el Fuerte is the latest lid from the team at Biltwell, it’s the DOT approved new model in their line up and it replaces the Hustler 3/4 face helmet that has itself become ubiquitous in the custom motorcycle scene over the past few years.

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The Old School Icon Alliance Project

Icon Alliance Helmet White 450x330 - The Old School Icon Alliance Project

Last month we began talking to Icon Motosports and Old School Helmets about a unique new project, we wanted to take steps to solve a dilemma facing safety conscious, vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. Specifically, the fact that it’s currently impossible to buy a retro full face helmet that passes any international helmet certification standard.

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Bell Custom 500 Cabbie Helmet

Bell Custom 500 Cabbie Helmet 450x330 - Bell Custom 500 Cabbie Helmet

The Bell 500 Helmet Series has proven to be exceedingly popular, the combination of retro design with modern safety standards is an alluring blend for many motorcyclists, especially those who prefer the 3/4 face helmet style.

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Luxy Vespa Helmet by Daniel Don Chang

Luxy Vespa Helmet by Daniel Don Chang 450x330 - Luxy Vespa Helmet by Daniel Don Chang

I think it’s interesting to see people experimenting with the fundamental shape of helmet design, generally speaking all helmets are semi-circular with some variation on a neck and face opening, you never see square or trapezoid helmets (and for very good reason).

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Distressed Helmets by Old School Helmets

4triumph 450x330 - Distressed Helmets by Old School Helmets

Small scale custom workshops are the lifeblood of the underground motorcycle community, and not just bike builders either, specialist workshops like Old School Helmets inject boatloads of retro class into their helmets and we love nothing more than to bring much needed attention to the “little guy” as opposed to the big name manufacturers. 

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MOMO Fighter Helmet

Screen shot 2011 03 15 at 13.42.16 450x330 - MOMO Fighter Helmet

MOMO Design was established in the ’60s by gentleman racer Giampiero Moretti, the company went on to produce some of the best racing steering wheels and car components in the automotive industry. Based in Verona, Italy they recently turned their considerable skills towards helmet design, the Fighter model (pictured above and below) is a tasteful blend…

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Biltwell Hustler Helmet

large 102 Black Left 1 450x330 - Biltwell Hustler Helmet

Biltwell turn out retro, no nonsense helmets as well as apparel, bike parts and other gear. The DOT approved Hustler Helmet is designed in the same vein as the infamous Bell 500 and it comes in 3 colours, flat-black, titanium and copper. Biltwell helmets are hugely popular with custom paint shops, everything from late-70s metallic,…

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