1957 Daytona Beach Race

1957 Daytona Beach Race 450x330 - 1957 Daytona Beach Race

The 1957 Daytona Beach Race was one of the truly classic early NASCAR events, the cars had to be showroom stock with only some minor safety additions. I think this sort of racing series would be incredible to see nowadays, totally stock sedans racing on circuits around the world would draw a lot of attention. Hell, I’d watch it.

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Daytona Beach Corner

Daytona Beach 450x330 - Daytona Beach Corner

It seems a damn shame to us that the beach races at Daytona beach no longer take place. I can hardly imagine how much fun it must have been, the corner pictured here would be a blast to ride and should you happen to fall off, you’d have some nice soft beach sand to land on.

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