Leica III

Leica III 450x330 - Leica III

Leica is widely considered to be one of the greatest camera manufacturers of all time, the fundamental design of the Leica is so famous that it became a pop-culture icon in its own lifetime.

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The Expedition Wooden Tripod

wood camera tripod f73e 450x330 - The Expedition Wooden Tripod

The Expedition Wooden Tripod is built in Germany by Berlebach, it’s made from sustainably harvested ash wood, the wood acts as a natural vibration damper making it an ideal material for this particular use.

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Leica M Monochrom

Leica M Monochrom 450x330 - Leica M Monochrom

Black and white photography is, in some respects, a lost art form. The move away from film to digital and the requisite fixed colour sensor has meant that true black and white photographs are a thing of the past, well perhaps they were till now.

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