Icon1000 Elsinore Boot

Elsinore BootBIcon1000 Elsinore Boot 450x330 - Icon1000 Elsinore Boot

The Elsinore Boot series feature an internal steel shank, a thick leather upper, a rubber sole, a zipper originally designed for paratrooper boots and a series of 5 alloy buckles down the outside to make sure they stay on no matter what the hell happens.

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Desert Boot by Deus

desert boot ripple sole 450x330 - Desert Boot by Deus

The Australian Desert Boot has been an iconic piece of footwear since long before my time, the boots were originally designed for desert use and have soles designed to sink and slide as little as possible on loose sand, they also have minimal laces allowing the wearer to whip them off and empty out sand with as little fuss as possible.

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Hunt by Vitesse Boots

vitesse boots hunt 01 450x330 - Hunt by Vitesse Boots

Proper motorcycle attire can sometimes be hard to come by. At some point, I think in the 80s, motorcycle gear manufacturers decided that all motorcyclists were deeply into flame decals, chrome, dragons, heavy metal, skulls and the confederate flag.

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