Steve McQueen Jaguar XKSS Wallpaper

This is Steve McQueen driving one of his favourite cars of all time, the Jaguar XKSS, or as he nicknamed it – “Green Rat”.

The XKSS was essentially a road-legal version of the Jaguar D-Type – when Jaguar withdrew from international automotive racing in 1955 they still had a number of D-Type chassis left over in their Brown Lane factory. The decision was made to convert them to road-legal specification and sell them to the Americans, as the market for european sports cars in the USA was at an all-time high.

16 cars where made before a fire at the factory destroyed the remaining unused D-Types, bringing an abrupt end to the little green car that would go on to have significant influence on the design of future cars from Jaguar.

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Image via John Dominis / Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images – “Steve McQueen driving on Sunset Strip, 1963.”