Silodrome T-Shirt

Today we’re officially releasing the brand spanking new, Winter 2013 Silodrome Tee created by Wicked Quick.

Wicked Quick is owned and operated by Tarran Pitschka, the former Vice President of Design at No Fear. Prior to that he worked for the Ford Motor Company where he designed the concept car vehicle badges for Land Rover, Lincoln and Aston Martin – interestingly, Pitschka is also responsible the Ford Racing logo used worldwide in NASCAR, Rally and the NHRA.

Only 100 of these tees will be made and the design is a one off original that’ll never be used again, you can grab yours here for $32 USD – the funds raised will be used to keep Silodrome running, any left over money will be spent wisely on beer, whiskey and gasoline.

Silodrome T-Shirt Design