Retro Motorcycle Glove

Finding a pair of retro motorcycle glovesimage 5660397 10557879 - Retro Motorcycle Gloves by Power Trip (and by retro, I mean gloves that don’t make you look like a dayglo space invader) isn’t always easy.

The majority of motorcycle gear seems to be made for 13 year old boys from the year 1987, this is something that annoys me a great deal, so when I find new gear that I like, it makes me happier than it perhaps should.

This pair of retro gloves by Power Trip is hand made in the USA from 100% cowhide leather, it has a gel-palm, a leather strap that can be done up with nothing but your teeth and looks like it’d be right at home at the 1976 Isle of Man TT.

Check them out here via The Motorcycle Superstoreimage 5660397 10557879 - Retro Motorcycle Gloves by Power Trip.

Retro Motorcycle Gloves