Minox Leica M3 Digital Camera Mini

A photographer friend of mine pulled one of these beautiful Minox M3s out to show me at a shoot last week in Hong Kong. At first I thought it was an intricate 1:3 scale model of the classic 1950’s Minox Leica and as a bit of a camera geek, I loved it.

Then he told me it was a fully functioning digital camera, I didn’t initially believe him, but he snapped a few pictures, mostly of my incredulous face, then showed them to me.

Minox Leica Digital Camera

The Pocket Minox shoots 5.1 MP stills with surprising sharpness and clarity, it can take up to 16GB SDHC memory cards, has a USB jack a removable viewfinder (on top), a 2″ LCD screen on the back with a multitude of settings, it has a long list of accessories and comes in a beautiful wooden display case.

I tend to take a fair few photos on a day to day basis and I’ll be using this as my pocket camera, it’s smaller size and ability to shoot pictures impressive enough to make a pro-photographer say “It’s actually pretty good” is more than enough for me.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Minox Leica M3 Digital Camera