This article was written by Najette Derni, founder of House of Helmet.

My last horse was a FZ Yamaha, my favorite thing to do with it was crossing bridges and feeling this great sensation of openness! House of Helmet was born from an empty bank account, a broken computer and artists crazy enough to believe in the concept, by investing their time and talent.

Since 2014, I’ve registered an ECE 22.05 homologation for open face helmets and was covering them with stitched leather pieces, engraved design leather, animal pattern leather, and even covered helmet prototypes with cork material.

After a break, I realised this is what I like, what I know and what I am good at! Only this time, I wanted to get back to it with more depth for me and for people in general. I am a French-born woman with Moroccan roots and ironically considered as a “kefir” (infidel) by my beloved family. This is like the Yin Yang concept: visually it’s harmoniously balanced, in reality it’s like being seen either as the white dot in the black background or the black dot in the white one

Showcasing Art Helmets of Creators is a way to seize and bring an understanding of humanity. Just like music in the air, their visual stories travel in time and space: that’s what makes the collection so rich and colorful.

The Modern Gallery for Art Helmets promotes artworks emerging and renowned artists. Art Helmets Collection from Emerging Creators around the world is growing slowly but surely with already more than 20 different pieces made to order.

The Art Helmets Collection inspired by The Masters is essentially covering American artists from the last century to nowadays, I am fascinated by the American Abstract Artists group’s diversity since its formation in 1936.

House of Helmet also have gems such as original artworks in direct collaboration with their family descendants or relatives. One of them is from Werner Drewes, considered to be one of the founding fathers of American abstraction, he had a life correspondence with his teacher Kandinsky.

The complete collection can be seen here on House of Helmet – Once you have chosen your Art Helmet, just select the size and model of your full face helmet (one month for delivery): AGV ​Helmet X 3000 – Arai ​Helmet Concept X – Bell ​Helmet Bullitt – Shoei ​Helmet Glamster.

You can as well follow House of Helmet on Instagram for updates on the Collection.


Ad Reinhardt

He wrote and lectured extensively on art and was a major influence on conceptual art, minimal art and monochrome painting. Most famous for his “black” or “ultimate” paintings, he claimed to be painting the “last paintings” that anyone can paint. He believed in a philosophy of art he called Art-as-Art and used his writing and satirical cartoons: “Art is too serious to be taken seriously.”

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Jessie Arms Botke

Jessie Arms Botke

Most active in a period when the art world was almost an exclusive enclave of male artists, Jessie Botke gained extraordinary recognition through a strong work ethic and a talent that flowered rather late in her painting career. Her predilection for white birds – pelicans, geese, ducks, cockatoos, and white peacocks – inspired her to a high level of artistry.

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Manierre Dawson

Pioneer of Modern Art, Manierre Dawson developed a personal, avant-garde style that reflected his training as an engineer. By the spring of 1910, he created a series of non-representational paintings that were among the first pure abstractions ever created, slightly predating works by Wassily Kandinsky and Arthur Dove.

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Werner Drewes

Drewes taught printmaking, lithography, life drawing and paintings at Columbia University’s School of Architecture. He trained young artists to become teachers using the Bauhaus approach. In 1937, Drewes became one of the founding members of the American Abstract Artists group which contributed to fostering the public understanding and acceptance of abstract art.

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Raymond Jonson

Throughout his career Jonson devoted himself to a quasi-mystical goal of achieving visual harmony through what he called the design or “unifying principle,” in which a successful painting embodied his emotional, intellectual, and physical experiences and exhibited a high degree of craftsmanship.

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Catherine Kirkland

On canvas or panel with brushes and unconventional tools, her style has evolved from landscapes and figural works to vivid abstracts with thousands of applied colorful dots. Recent paintings explore both outer- and inner-spaces, with subjects as diverse as the vastness of an extraterrestrial nebula and the microscopic inter-cellular spaces of the human body.

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Howard Danelowitz – Broadway

His artwork can be seen alongside the most sophisticated interiors imaginable. He has highlighted Elle Decor magazines A-List-the annual registry of the most stylish, influential, and innovative interior designers from around the world.  Mr. Danelowitz has received enthusiastic reviews from such noted designers, as Amy Lau, Dan Fink, Nicole Fuller, and Fox-Nahem: “Life is not a dress rehearsal, so make it count.”

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Mark Tobey

He spent a month in a Zen monastery outside Kyoto, the following year he began his “white writing” paintings. Mark Tobey evolved the technique of white writing, which has distinguished his work. This method, a fusion of the spirit of Chinese writing with morphic characters rooted in twentieth-century painting, derives from Tobey’s intensely personalized vision: “At a time when experimentation expresses itself in all forms of life, search becomes the only valid expression of the spirit.”

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Leslie Morgan – Golden Gate Bridge

Her art is hybrids of painting, photography, printmaking, recycled rusted bits and collage into unique mixed media. She explores ideas tied to nostalgia, female icons, boating, the environment, preservation of our oceans, consumerism and repurposing materials. Her whimsical use of found objects, paint and photography allows one to experience the many magical nuances of water, both above its surface, below its depths and everywhere in between: “Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea.”

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Natalia Lvova – Endless Kiss

She’s an oil painter known for her utilization of vibrant colors and a signature spiral mark-making technique with a patent for her unique style of painting, aptly named “TwiddleART”. Figures are distilled to their elemental forms becoming fragments of an immersive kaleidoscope: an Ode to Love without translation.

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Ivan Torres – Sol y Luna

Self-taught painter, he conceives his painting as a bridge between his family origins in Mexico and his daily perspective in France.

For him, painting, literature and music transcend art to become a philosophy of life, to be experienced at all times. Painting is a chromatic path that allows sharing and therefore continuing to create: “Culture saves and Nature guides.”

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