Dimitri Coste – Heroes of the Indian FTR1200

The Indian FTR1200 is a perfect fit for Paris-born Dimitri Coste, a photographer, motorcycle racer, and film director famous for his larger than life personality, and for his DNA that’s split evenly down the middle of the double helix – one half is Parisian and the other half inherited from his adopted second home of Southern California.

The Indian FTR1200 is a bike you may not yet have heard of, this is because it’s not a production bike, rather a functional prototype of what an Indian Scout 1200-based street-legal flat tracker could look like. That said, we believe there’s a high likelihood that a very similar production bike is in the works from Indian. And if they do offer a showroom version it’d sell so well that they’d struggle to keep them on showroom floors.

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