Kam the Elephant and his Land Rover

Kam” an elephant from Bertram Mills circus “drives” a Land Rover November 1959 450x330 - Kam the Elephant and his Land Rover

The Series 1 Land Rover is still one of the most capable 4x4s ever made, it may not have traction control, independent suspension or any fancy buttons but it did have extraordinary lightness. Although perhaps Kam’s Land Rover wouldn’t be so light with it’s driver onboard.

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Winston Churchill’s Land Rover

winston churchill land rover 450x330 - Winston Churchill's Land Rover

It isn’t every day that something as quintessentially British as this comes along, meet Winston Churchill’s 1954 Land Rover Series 1, a car that was specifically built for the man himself with an extra-wide driver’s seat and an arm rest in place of the passenger seat.

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Dune Rover

land rover 90 defender 450x330 - Dune Rover

I love this photograph. It wasn’t perfectly executed, the Land Rover is a little out of focus and you can see the shadow of the photographer in the dune but none of this really matters. To me this is a picture that was clearly taken by a man out on his own with his 4×4 having an adventure. It’s the sort of thing we should all do a little more often.

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Land Rover Defender XTech

Land Rover Defender XTech 1 450x330 - Land Rover Defender XTech

The current generation Land Rover Defender is the direct result of 64 years of automotive evolution, the first, humble Series 1 rolled off the production line in 1948 and in much the same way that you can tell a Porsche 911 is a Porsche 911, you can tell immediately that the Land Rover is a Land Rover.

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Bell Aurens Longnose

Bell Aurens Longnose fotoshowImage 599191ad 2581991 450x330 - Bell Aurens Longnose

It isn’t often that I discover a Land Rover variant I’ve never seen before, so when I stumbled across a picture of this, the Bell Aurens Longnose I thought I was looking at a long forgotten Land Rover concept car, or perhaps an old Defender modified by a wealthy oil sheik.

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Dirt (1979)

Dirt Movie 1979 450x330 - Dirt (1979)

The 1970’s were a special time for disco, fashion, music, cocaine smugglers and off road racing. This documentary, titled “Dirt”, covers the wild and wacky dirt based motor racing events of the late 70’s with all the keyboard synth dazzle you can handle.

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1976WRA300 450x330 - Touchdown

This is a picture of a Jeep piloted by Jim Vaughan in the 70’s, it’s a great example of wheel-articulation is action. I stumbled across this snapshot over on the brilliant OffRoadAction.ca website, check them out if you have time.

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