This 47 minute documentary shows the process of building WWI era aircraft from the felling of a spruce tree, right through to the completed and flying plane. It offers quite an extraordinary look back at the methods and technologies used, including the staggering amount of specialised hand-work that went into manufacturing each part.

The information interstitials flash across the screen too fast to read but they do offer excellent insight into what you’re seeing – so it’s worth having your finger hovering over the pause button.

The aircraft they’re building is the Airco DH.4, it was designed by Geoffrey de Havilland for Airco, and most of them were built in the USA for use in WWI. If you’d like to read more about the plane, you can click here to read the extensive Wikipedia entry.

Airco DH.4 1 740x422

Airco DH.4 740x576

Airco DH.4 3 740x558

Airco DH.4 2 740x517