This is the 1000 Watt BoomWall, it was developed by the team at BoomCase – the creators of the wildly popular stereo-in-a-vintage-suitcase concept.

The 1000 Watt BoomWall is the next step in the evolutionary process for BoomCase, it’s essentially a custom-built wall of classic speakers and vintage suitcases (fitted with internal speakers) installed up against a wall – offering a lot of sound and a lot of style in a single package.

As you may have surmised the BoomWall doesn’t come cheap, prices start at around $6,000 USD, however they can be shipped anywhere in the world and for a bit extra the team at BoomCase will come out and install it for you.

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Image DescriptionEach BoomWall is built to customer specification using a combination of vintage speakers and retro suitcases that have been converted into speakers.

The more typical single suitcase-based speaker systems from BoomCase typically cost anything from $200+ USD to well over $1,000 USD. Inside you’ll find a built-in lithium-ion battery system offering 16+ hours of battery life.

Depending on the model it’ll have also an internal amplifier and a combination of woofers, tweeters and mid range speakers all combined with Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream from your phone.

If you’d like to get a BoomWall installed in your apartment, office, or whiskey bar you can visit BoomCase here to arrange a quote. If you’d like to see the BoomCases they currently have for sale you can see them here.

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