Caterpillar Mens Abe Boot 957x1024 Retro Abe Boot by Caterpillar

I stumbled across these beautiful retro motorcycle boots Retro Abe Boot by Caterpillar by Caterpillar earlier this week, the upper is a unique blend of heavy duty canvas and leather with a sole made of oil and waterproof hardened-rubber.

The style is clearly influenced by vintage boots from the 1920’s and 1930’s with a dash of WWI military styling thrown in for good measure, they strike me as being boots that can be worn under cargos, on the motorcycle or in the cockpit of your Fokker DVIII without ever looking out of place.

Check out the Caterpillar Men’s Abe Boot Retro Abe Boot by Caterpillar here.

Caterpillar Mens Abe Boot1 1024x772 Retro Abe Boot by Caterpillar