1965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra

Shelby 427 Competition Cobra

In the mid-60s the Corvettes were rapidly catching the Cobras, Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles knew they had to add significant horsepower to the chassis if they were to keep winning everything in sight, and their partnership with Ford limited their engine choices to blue oval only. The Shelby Cobra had originally been introduced with…

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5 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still

Copper Moonshine Still

Moonshine has been going through a bit of a revival in recent years, the proliferation of affordable copper stills has certainly helped, and it’s now easier than ever for shiners to connect online and share information, techniques and tips. The Moonshine Stills Company is one of the leading lights in the moonshining world, they make…

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Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots

The Entombed 1954 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette 4

The “Entombed” Corvette has been a bit of a celebrity in Chevrolet circles for the better part of 40 years, it was entombed inside a brick-and-mortar vault by eccentric businessman and politician Richard Sampson in 1959. It’s not certain how much forward planning Sampson had put into the entombment project, all that’s known for certain…

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Paris-Dakar Veteran: 2007 KTM 660 Rallye

KTM 660 Rallye

KTM have won the motorcycle class of the Paris-Dakar every year since 2001, one of the most significant winning streaks in the history of the event. The first Paris-Dakar was run in 1978, it was organised by Thierry Sabine who realised that the desert would be a fantastic place for an endurance race – when…

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The Ladies of the Australian Underworld


The Forensic Photography Archive is a collection of over 130,000 images taken in the 1910s through to the 1960s in jails and police stations in Sydney, Australia. The images from early in the collection are all scans of wet plate photographs, and the amount of detail and character captured is quite remarkable – arguably better…

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Confederate Wraith

Confederate 120CI B120 Wraith 2

The Confederate Wraith has been described as a 21st century board tracker, with a little cafe racer thrown in for good measure. The revolutionary design was the brainchild of J.T. Nesbitt, a man considered one of the finest motorcycle designers in the world and a native son of the south who lived through the worst…

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Dainese Ellis Gloves

Dainese Ellis Gloves

The new Dainese Ellis Gloves feature 100% goatskin leather construction, a material that’s becoming a more and more popular for use in motorcycle gear due to its light weight and exceedingly high abrasion resistance. The Ellis Gloves also have preserved fingers, reinforced palms, perforations for airflow and soft inserts on the knuckles and palms. Dainese…

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The Chevrolet Corphibian


The Chevrolet Corphibian is a one-off amphibious vehicle produced by a couple of ambitious Chevy engineers in their spare time in the early 1960s. It was intended as a proof of concept and it was hoped that it would become a special order option for the standard Corvair 95 Loadside pickup. The engineers were Richard…

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Enzo Ferrari: Passion for Speed Documentary

Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari: Passion for Speed is a documentary about the automotive legend from 2001. It’s a fascinating look back at the life and times of Enzo, and it includes interviews with some other greats who are no longer with us – like Carroll Shelby. The film covers Enzo’s life from his childhood through to his…

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Original Herbie Stunt Car

Herbie Car VW Beetle copy

The iconic series of Herbie films started with The Love Bug in 1968, a smash hit that all but guaranteed sequels. Herbie Rides Again was released in 1974, Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo came out in 1977 and by 1980 it was time for the last film in the first series – Herbie Goes Bananas….

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