Buying Guide – Motorcycle Gloves


Introduction The importance of a good pair of motorcycle gloves cannot be overstated, the hands are often the first or second thing to hit the ground when you come off your bike, and the last thing you want is your unprotected pink palms hitting the asphalt at 70mph. When it comes to buying gloves you…

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Ride Till Death Tee by Scotch & Iron

motorcycle t-shirt

The Ride Till Death Tee by Scotch & Iron is reminiscent of the vintage designs worn by the people who created the original motorcycle-based alternative culture movement. Each tee is printed on a high quality 4.3oz 60/40 polycotton and come in sizes from S through to XXL, only 100 of this design will be made after…

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Beltway Jacket Icon 1000

Honda CM400 by Junior Burrell

Honda Custom Motorcycle 1

Custom motorcycles that have hand built fairings always draw a little extra attention from me, I love naked bikes and classic cafe racers but there’s something genuinely captivating about a sheet of metal that’s been hammered into a landscape of curves designed to bend the wind around itself. The faired bike you see here is…

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The HEDON x 4H10 1971 Kevlar® Helmet


The HEDON x 4H10 1971 Helmet is a 3/4 face motorcycle helmet with a shell made from Kevlar® fibre and an ECE 22.05 safety rating. Each of the helmets is hand assembled in England and has an interior lining of anti-bacterial suede, all of the seams are leather lined and the paint work is designed to evoke…

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The Mercator Knife

The Mercator Knife

The Mercator Knife is a classic German pocket knife that became famous after the Second World War when returning American GIs brought them home after their successful campaign with the Brits across Europe. Each knife has a stainless steel blade, a corkscrew, a spike and a tin opener, and each is made to the same specifications…

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The Sicura Instalite

Sicura Instalite

The Sicura Instalite is a watch with an interesting history behind it – it’s the first mechanical wristwatch ever made with a separate electrical system for backlighting. Although you may never have heard of the Sicura before the company is actually closely related to Breitling, in 1979 when Breitling went bankrupt due to the challenge…

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20 Essential Motorcycle Films

Top Motorcycle Movies

This list of 20 motorcycle films is a collection of my personal favourites, it includes both feature films and documentaries from the 1950s right the way through to 2014, you’ll have seen some of them and not seen others (probably) so take a scroll through and see what you like. Not all of these films…

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Brass Anchor Cigar Box

Cigar Box

This 1920s-era brass anchor cigar box was made by the Jennings Brothers of Connecticut, it has a wood lined interior, a patterned base and it measures 6″ long x 3.75″ wide x 4.25″ high. Although cigars have fallen from favour in many parts of the world I still love them, perhaps a little too much,…

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1970 Mustang 302 Poster

1970 Mustang 302 Poster 2

When it comes to the Ford Mustang, everyone I know has a favourite year. Purists favour the original 1964 model, historians wax lyrical about the “forgotten” 1962 Mustang and Steve McQueen fans want a dark green 1968 model. I’ve always been partial to the 1970 Mustang myself, the added vents on either side of the headlights look…

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