The Gatsby Watch Refined Hardware The Gatsby Watch by Refined Hardware

This history of American watchmaking would make an excellent feature film, the first North American watchmaking company was founded in 1859 – it was called ‘The American Watch Company’ and it would be the first of many genuinely extraordinary watchmaking institutions established on the western shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Refined Hardware is a Los Angeles based watchmaker that was founded to carry on the traditions and methodology of those first American horologists. Each Refined Hardware wristwatch is made by hand to order, each design is limited to 33 hand-numbered units and each watch features a handmade 18 jewel, tourbillon movement with a 42 hour power reserve, a 316L stainless steel case, a sapphire crystal face and they’re all rated to 5 atmospheres.

The Gatsby Watch by Refined Hardware USA The Gatsby Watch by Refined Hardware

The model pictured at the top is The Gatsby, it’s a handmade American watch named after a handmade American novel. The Gatsby has a visible tourbillon movement at the 6 o’clock position – tourbillons are a fascinating mechanical curiosity originally developed to counter the effect of gravity on a the delicate internal mechanism of pocket watches. They work by rotating the entire escapement assembly (this is essentially the heartbeat of any watch) on its own axis. In the modern world of horology, the tourbillon is something so complex that only the best watchmakers are said to be able to master it and put it into production.

The limited edition nature of the Refined Hardware timepieces with the subsequent rarity and genuinely unique designs make them highly collectible pieces, the price point is set at a level below the big Swiss and German names though unlike the mass-produced european units – Refined Hardware watches will always be a remarkable rarity.

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The Gatsby Watch by Refined Hardware The Gatsby Watch by Refined Hardware

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