The Norton Domiracer

Norton Domiracer 450x330 - The Norton Domiracer

A Short History of the Norton Domiracer Norton Motorcycles was returned to England in 2008, after having spent 15 years in American hands. Norton is one of the most iconic of all the British motorcycle marques, so its return to British hands was warmly welcomed, even though the timing coincided with the Great Recession – leaving many…

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Norton Manx

Norton Manx Racing Motorcycle 10 450x330 - Norton Manx

The Norton Manx is easily one of the most famous racing motorcycles of the 20th century, the mighty single-cylinder British bike was a dominant force in the world of two-wheeled racing – nowhere more so that at the Isle of Man TT. The Story of the Norton Manx Norton originally used the Manx name on the 1936…

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Colorado Norton Works 1975 Commando

Colorado Norton Works Commando 6 450x330 - Colorado Norton Works 1975 Commando

The Beginning of the Commando In 1967 the British Norton-Villiers company revealed the Norton Commando to the world, it wasn’t the most modern bike even by late-60s standards but it did have an iconic engine, race-bred suspension, and a frame developed by a former Rolls-Royce engineer. Between the years of 1968 and 1972, the Norton…

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Norton MM

Norton Commando Tracker 2 450x330 - Norton MM

The Norton MM is a limited edition production motorcycle developed by 72 Motorcycles out of the UK, with the full blessing of Norton Motorcycles. Some of you will have immediately pegged that its design ethos is based on the iconic Ron Wood “Big Tube” Norton flat track racer from the 1970s, which has the distinction…

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5 Minute Histories: The Norton Commando

eBay Facebook 5 Minute Template Commando 450x330 - 5 Minute Histories: The Norton Commando

The 5 Minute History series are produced by Silodrome for eBay Motors. Click here to read the full article on eBay. Introduction The Norton Commando is a vintage British motorcycle whose name would become so iconic it’s still a household name decades after the originals left production. Most people with even a passing interest in…

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Norton Manx Model 30

Norton Manx 450x330 - Norton Manx Model 30

The Norton Manx Model 30 is a motorcycle that lives on half a century after its production ceased thanks to its legendary status as an Isle of Man TT machine that had few, if any, rivals in its day. Norton built the Manx between 1946 and 1962, although the examples from the beginning and end…

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Norton Classic Wankel Rotary

Norton Classic Rotary 3 1 450x330 - Norton Classic Wankel Rotary

The Norton Classic is an exceedingly rare motorcycle, just 100 were made in 1987 and today it’s considered one of the most collectible of the post-WWII models from the storied British marque. A twin-rotor Wankel engine was developed for use in the Norton Classic by David Garside who worked at BSA’s Umberslade Hall research facility….

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Norton Model 18

Norton Model 18 450x330 - Norton Model 18

The Norton Model 18 was the most advanced motorcycle ever built by the British marque when it was introduced in 1923. Unlike its forbears the Model 18 was fitted with a new overhead valve engine – replacing the now obsolete side valve designs that had been popular in the formative years of motorcycling. In 1922,…

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Norton Commando Scrambler

Norton Commando Motorcycle 10 450x330 - Norton Commando Scrambler

The Norton Commando is a motorcycle that defied the odds to become a cult classic in its own lifetime, it was developed to compete with the new wave of bikes coming out of Japan but unlike the Japanese, the Brits were struggling to fund new R&D. This resulted in the Commando using the Atlas parallel…

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Norton Commando by NYC Norton

Norton Commando Motorbike 6 450x330 - Norton Commando by NYC Norton

The Norton Commando is a motorcycle that probably shouldn’t have been as successful as it was. It was released in 1968 using a parallel twin that was originally introduced in 1949, this engine was called the Atlas and it was remarkable for a few reasons – perhaps none more so than for the fact that…

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Richard Hammond’s Triton

Triton Motorcycle1 450x330 - Richard Hammond's Triton

The Triton is almost certainly the most famous motorcycle to have never been built in a factory – the name came from a contraction of Triumph (who supplied the engine) and Norton (who supplied the Featherbed frame). Those who made it through a semester of Greek mythology will also tell you that Triton was a Greek god and…

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