Flak – World War II Training Film

Flak - Evading Anti-Aircraft Fire - World War II Training Film

Flak – Evading Anti-Aircraft Fire is an official training film from the Second World War that taught pilots how to evade and otherwise deal with flak – from Europe to the Pacific and everywhere in between. Anti-aircraft weaponry has existed since very shortly after the first aircraft were militarised and WWII is widely considered the…

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The 1957 Daytona Beach Race


This film is called “Sand Barrier”, it’s a look at the events surrounding the 1957 Daytona Beach Race and it contains some of the best footage from the former beach track that I’ve ever seen. I’m one of those people who would love to see traditional stock car racing like this make a comeback, I…

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An Interview With Enzo Ferrari


Few men can claim as much of an an influence on 20th century automotive design than Enzo Ferrari, at almost 6’2″ tall he was a towering figure during his early days as a driver for Alfa Romeo. The management at Alfa quickly recognised Enzo’s leadership potential and before long he was in a commanding position,…

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Alfred Hitchcock Cigar Box

alfred hitchcock cigar box

Finding interesting and affordable pieces of history like this cigar box is a specialty of Bonhams, the upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Auction is literally full of sub-$1,000 gems like this one – an Alfred Hitchcock cigar box signed and sent by the director to his friends in Britain during WWII. Its value has been estimated at $400 to…

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Road To Baja – Documentary

road to baja documentary

Road To Baja is a documentary covering the story of Radek Burkat and Andrew Krynen who decided, with very little preparation, to race in the Baja 1000 in 2008. It’s an interesting and candid look into what it takes to compete in one of the toughest desert races in the world, the film is 45…

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Easy Rider – Wallpaper

Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson in EASY RIDER

This photograph of Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson was taken during the filming of Easy Rider in 1969. The quintessentially American film is remarkable for a number of reasons, one of the most interesting bits of trivia is that real drugs were used during filming, instead of prop-drugs as was the norm. Once…

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Jim Clark – The Quiet Champion

Jim Clark indy 500

“Jim Clark – The Quiet Champion” is a BBC documentary about one of Formula 1′s truly great drivers. Born in Fife, Scotland the quite and unassuming Brit would go on to win 2 back to back Formula 1 World Championships before flying across pond and winning the Indianapolis 500 in 1965. In 1968 he was…

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Climb Dance

Climb Dance short film

The film “Climb Dance” is an iconic piece of motorsport cinéma vérité filmmaking from 1988 by director Jean Louis Mourey. Using multiple cameras mounted to a four-wheel drive Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 GR, Mourey spliced together a stunning series of brutal sequences that capture the raw, golden era of rally far better than still images…

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1982 South African Grand Prix

1982 South African GP

The 1982 South African Grand Prix was a highly contentious race and it very nearly didn’t take place, the entire field of drivers commandeered a bus and left the circuit in the days leading up to the race, protesting the plans by FISA (The Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile) to change the terms of the…

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Audi Quattro – The Official Story


“Audi Quattro – The Official Story” is a look back at the history of Audi’s vitally important all-wheel drive system as documented by Audi themselves. As such it offers previously unseen footage from the very earliest days of Audi’s involvement in motorsports through to their dominant years in international rally competition. If you have even…

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