1000 Lakes Rally

1000 lakes rally

The 1000 Lakes Rally was an event held in Finland that was so difficult it became known at the “Grand Prix” of the world rally circuit – It was so difficult that it was only ever won by non-Scandinavians on 5 occasions, the course was hilly, wide and usually dirt or gravel. Spectators would turn…

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Le Mans – 1971

le mans

As the start of Le Mans draws closer over the coming hours I’ve been researching to find something suitably Le Mansy to feature on Silodrome, after a little hunting I discovered that the entire 1971 Steve McQueen film “Le Mans” is available to watch on YouTube. I’ve added it above for your pre-Le Mans viewing…

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The First Canadian Grand Prix – 1967


This film is a look at the events surrounding the first Canadian Grand Prix, held in 1967 after Canada’s successful bid to host a Formula 1 race. The drivers taking part in this race would go down in history as icons of the sport, the starting grid included Bruce McLaren, Dan Gurney, Jack Brabham, Denny…

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Chronicles of a Club Racer: Season 1

Chronicles of a Club Racer

John Hensley is an actor who’s face you probably recognise, he’s been in a huge variety of both films and television series – perhaps most notably CSI, Nip Tuck, Sons of Anarchy and The Mentalist. John is also a writer, filmmaker and avid amateur motorcycle racer – a combination of talents that lead to a…

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Camel Trophy 1988 – Sulawesi

Camel Trophy

The Camel Trophy was an event that included a long list of things I love, from Land Rovers and off-road driving to continent crossing and driving through large, fast moving rivers. Although I’m not entirely sure how much I love that last one. The competition started in 1980 and ran until 2000 when cigarette advertising…

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1990 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix

1990 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix

The 1990 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix was a tempestuous event, it included one of the most significant first lap incidents in the history of the small European principality’s race. The drivers include Ayrton Senna, Gerhard Berger, Alain Prost, Jean Alesi, Riccardo Patrese, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet and 23 others – the full field was…

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Flak – World War II Training Film

Flak - Evading Anti-Aircraft Fire - World War II Training Film

Flak – Evading Anti-Aircraft Fire is an official training film from the Second World War that taught pilots how to evade and otherwise deal with flak – from Europe to the Pacific and everywhere in between. Anti-aircraft weaponry has existed since very shortly after the first aircraft were militarised and WWII is widely considered the…

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The 1957 Daytona Beach Race


This film is called “Sand Barrier”, it’s a look at the events surrounding the 1957 Daytona Beach Race and it contains some of the best footage from the former beach track that I’ve ever seen. I’m one of those people who would love to see traditional stock car racing like this make a comeback, I…

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An Interview With Enzo Ferrari


Few men can claim as much of an an influence on 20th century automotive design than Enzo Ferrari, at almost 6’2″ tall he was a towering figure during his early days as a driver for Alfa Romeo. The management at Alfa quickly recognised Enzo’s leadership potential and before long he was in a commanding position,…

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Alfred Hitchcock Cigar Box

alfred hitchcock cigar box

Finding interesting and affordable pieces of history like this cigar box is a specialty of Bonhams, the upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Auction is literally full of sub-$1,000 gems like this one – an Alfred Hitchcock cigar box signed and sent by the director to his friends in Britain during WWII. Its value has been estimated at $400 to…

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