1974 Harley Davidson RR350 1 1974 Harley Davidson RR350

Originally titled the Aermacchi-Harley Davidson RR350, Harley had bought control from Aermacchi in 1974. The RR350 is a master-class in ’70s bike design, I’d love to see Harley Davidson step away from its almost Adderall-level focus on lumbering V-Twins and revive some of the true classics from their own back catalogue. Can you imagine how incredibly well a new version of this bike would sell? The market for retro racers is tried and tested, just ask Triumph, Ducati or Moto Guzzi.

This bike will be up for sale soon, these stunning pictures are the work of Nick Keating, Nick’s Dad is the bikes owner and has a mind to sell it, head over here to see the bike on Flickr and shoot Nick a message if you’d like to make his Dad an offer he can’t refuse.

Aermacchi Harley Davidson RR350 1974 Harley Davidson RR350